We are a digital innovation company supplying the best people in their branches all over Europe.
About us
Innovating projects to assist in sales, operations and marketing
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Personal contact and immediate assistance are important to us!
About us
Experts in various areas of technology to ensure quality development
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New and unique marketing opportunities
Tides-group is an innovating supporting agency where the best of the best work hand in hand to ensure high quality services in marketing, design, IT maintenance and Software. Tides is not your average company, we fully embrace the creativity of our people and trust in their individual expertise.
Combining the knowledge, creativity and professionality of our people creates out-of-the-box and unique innovations on your companies requirements. As a registered official government service provider, the Tides-group is very keen on quality & service.


Software development
Application development
Social media experts
Virtual reality
Augmented reality
Website design
3D renders
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AR Viewer
Marketing audit
IT audit
Full audit