We are passionate about making ideas come to life!
Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.
Out of the box ideas Physically and virtually!
Our services

Tides is one of the few technology companies in the world where experienced marketeers take control.
This ensures our clients of a very user-friendly experience and a direct assistance on marketing implementation if needed.

All staff members were handpicked from prestigious companies in Europe. As our goal is to innovate your company, we want to be able to guarantee a perfect service in marketing, software, IT and creative design due to experienced staff.


As a government audited and approved service provider we can ensure our customers of the best quality and a trustworthy and friendly service.
High Quality

The origin of the Tides group

The Tides-group was originally founded as a small marketing agency. This company stood for innovating existing marketing strategies. When the world took a giant digital leap, the CEO of Tides, Tim De Sterck, made the decision to transform the company in a digital agency with a focus on innovation.

As one of the few worldwide technology companies, Tides uses marketeers as project leaders to make sure applications are not too complicated, easy on the eye and assurance on the quality of our services.

Tides became known for it’s original ideas. To ensure the quality, potential employees were scouted based on achievements and values. The Tides-group operates as a family where all employees are equals and share in the success of the company.

Offices in Spain and the UK were created to reach a higher potential on the international market. These offices are managed by international business developers who share the values of Tim.