Automatisation and integration in Software
Stunning applications combined with cutting edge technology


Wether your company needs software or an application. The Tides-group provides the best possible service and expertise and solution for your companies requirements.


We give the term “software development” a different definition.

All software and application projects are lead by a marketeer. This way we ensure our customers with an easy to use software.

Our software developers were handpicked based on their performances and abilities. Integrating existing- or writing custom technology is what we do on a daily basis.

We offer the possibility to create a web application or a standalone software. This depends on your needs.

Smartphone and tablet applications are a great way to interact with your customers, staff or partners.

Going from software add-ons, facial recognition, Augmented reality, operational process optimalisation to innovating marketing tools, we can create it.

Before we start, we discuss the opportunities but we also discuss the weaknesses to ensure our customers only get quality applications with a great marketing or operational impact.