Virtual Reality

VR is generally used to immerse your audience in a different locations. This location is usually not available where this VR project is shown except in the event of a training project. To understand the possibilities, we love to give you more information.

Oculus quest

3D environments

We are able to create an environment completely in 3D allowing users to interact with their surroundings. Informing, teaching or showing consequences of certain actions will astound your audience while interacting with 3D models

360° 3D Video

Immerse your audience in a 360° 3D video informing and amaze them by transporting the viewer to different location informing them about remote locations, experiences, and more…

3D & 360° 3d video

By combining 3D and 360° 3D video’s the user is able to experience the immersivity of the video’s with the interactivity of 3D environments. As Tides is very well experienced in both technologies, we know exactly what is possible and how we can push the limits of existing technologies.
Some of our 3d / Virtual / Augumented reality customers
Augumented reality

AR is generally used to give information to a user in the real world by using a smartphone, tablet, AR-glasses or any camera lens connected to a computerchip.

By looking at a flat surface, a picture, a label or a building, we are able to create a new layer over your view containing a 3D image or animation, Video or picture, which is great to inform people about a certain product or show products which are not available at that location. (example: apartment building, cars, etc…)

Other uses

Augmented Reality can be connected to a series of complex codes to interact with machinery. This allows anyone to resolve an issue or error that might occur.

By using AR you can also create an incredibly interactive brochure by making the images come to life or put the product in 3D on top of the image.

3D Rendering

3D images are created from a certain perspective allowing these 3D surrounding to be created in a much higher resolution then our VR or AR solutions. As the users does not need to interact with this environment, there is no need for a special graphics card as this render is exported as an image.

3D is a great and very clean solution to visualize your products, non-existing products, real estate development or anything you want to show your audience.